Thursday, December 13, 2012

When the Cat Is Away...

Sometimes I want to play with my little ones all day. Some days I want to throw aside everything else and just play by their rules.

Other days I want to sit outside, soak in the sunshine, and watch how their worlds develop.

Some days I want them to ride along with me and I engage them in the work and play that excites me most at the moment.

Most days are a combination of all of these impulses...

But here is one thing I am learning as Clayton grows older and his play with Evan becomes more and more involved. When I step away entirely, amazing things happen. They develop incredibly complex games, they follow each other's lead, and they take care of one another.

Their play changes when I am in the room or when they know I am listening.

I often step in the other room to do a few dishes or get the laundry going while I leave them to play freely. Sometimes, I listen in and choose to sit down for a bit longer, knowing my presence would push their play off course. I choose not to return, to stay out of their sight and to let them simply be together.

And if I can wait just a few minutes longer, letting their game come to its natural conclusion, sometimes I can even peek in to find something like this...

So, to any moms and dads out there who need a reason to take a few minutes just for yourselves today, I invite you to sneak away and see what your little mice might think up.


  1. sweet..... I am excited to see how my children's interactions change when Phoebe gets a bit older...