Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Another Christmas Countdown

It is different to have older children at Christmas time. Once they are old enough to remember a bit about what Christmas is all about, their anticipation starts to build as soon as they notice their first bit of red and green in the stores. As much as I might try to let Thanksgiving stand alone, Evan had already started to talk a lot about Christmas at the start of November.

Now that we have made it to December though, we are ready to jump full into Christmas. Yesterday we went to pick out our tree - the first tree that we cut down ourselves. And yes, we did wear shorts and t-shirts to go pick out a Christmas tree. I am not sure I will ever get used to this weather in Houston.

My husband and I put together a calendar again this year with activities for us to do together everyday of December. With scrapbook paper and ric rac, we made little paper pockets that we sewed together into a simple bunting. My husband printed and cut out a set of number stencils, which he used to put dates on each of the pockets. Then we wrote our activities on strips of scrap paper and folded them over before putting them in the pockets. I am sure the folding is a bit of overkill since neither of our littles know how to read, but it just felt fitting for the secretive nature of the project.

As for the activities, we are repeating all of our list from last year and, since we are starting a bit earlier this time around, we were able to add a few extras. I love how much our list resembles others I have seen around the internet - so many traditions that we all share.

1. Pick out our Christmas tree.
2. Decorate the tree and the house.
3. Write letters to Santa.
4. Pick out a name from the Salvation Army Angel Tree and drop off some clothes and toys to donate to others.
5. Make twig stars.
6. Read Christmas stories.
7. Go to the Houston Symphony holiday concert.
8. Visit Santa.
9. Start baking cookies. (Here is one of our all-time favorites.)
10. Make a gift for Evan's teacher.
11. Decorate some cookies made over the weekend.
12. Make a Christmas card to send to someone.
13. Christmas music dance party. (This song is one of our favorites.)
14. Oops! We still need to come up with something for this day since the local breakfast with Santa is already sold out. Any suggestions?
15. Make wrapping paper.
16. Make gingerbread houses.
17. Take a walk to see Christmas lights.
18. Travel day!
19. Drink hot chocolate.
20. Make an ornament for the tree.
21. Watch a Christmas movie and eat popcorn.
22. Make snow globes.
23. Hang stockings.
24. Twas the Night Before Christmas puppet show.

And in case you are interested in what our calendar looked like last year, this is one of the most popular posts on my blog.

Happy start of the Christmas season to those of you who celebrate it!


  1. Cute bunting! Amazed that your husband helps with the crafting!!

  2. That's a really pretty banner, and what awesome pictures. Happy New Year.