Monday, November 12, 2012

Laundry Day

My little guy is completely obsessed with the laundry. He loves to gather it, sort it, put it in and take it out of the machine, hang it, fold it. He can spend impressive amounts of time just putting clothes back and forth between one laundry basket and another.

Mostly a good thing...except for when it is not. Like when I have a freshly clean and folded basket of clothes waiting to be put away and Clayton decides to shake it out and put it back in the dryer. Or when  he throws a fit that he cannot reach the clothesline to help me hang the clothes to dry. I try to let my boys help with the chores, but there are definitely limits. I will admit that I have taken to doing the laundry in secret, when Clayton is sleeping or occupied in the other room.

So, for Clayton's birthday in September, we thought about hanging a lower clothesline in the yard. But then we saw this online. Definitely out of our price range, but it seemed simple enough so my husband decided to make one himself. 

A few cuts in a piece of wood, a bolt in the middle to allow the stand to fold up and some pieces of an old clothesline. It could use a coat of paint on the cut edges...We will get to that someday, I am sure. But Clayton certainly does not mind.

We cut up an old baby blanket with pinking shears and added a handful of clothespins from our collection and it was ready to go.

Within a few shorts months, he already has developed the hand strength to work the clothespins by himself. But the process is still enough of a challenge for him that I sometimes have to talk him through it while I am hanging my load on the grown-up line. Shake out the cloth, lay it over the line, grab a clothespin from the basket, squeeze it right there on the end and clip it on. Hooray!


  1. That is such a cute idea so that your son can "help" with laundry. Enjoy it while your son wants to help...before you know it, he will be a teenager, far too cool for chores. Enjoy the week ahead.