Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Color Sorting Game

The boys and I made some colored pasta a few weeks ago. A quick google search led me to hundreds of different tutorials. I pinned the one I ended up using on my Crafts for Kids Pinterest board. Simple, quick and fun.

The other day, Clayton woke up from his nap a bit earlier than normal and we had some time to play before we had to head out to pick up Evan from preschool. So I set up an impromptu sorting game with some empty tins, colored paper and a tray full of pasta. If I had had more time, I might have taped the colored sheets around the tins to save a bit of space, but this method worked just fine spread out on the kitchen floor.

Anyway, Clayton loves naming colors and he is a bit of a natural organizer. (Wonder where he got that from...) So, this game was a big hit. In fact, he wanted to sort the entire tray of pasta, well over a two pounds in five different colors. Our time to head to school was getting nearer and nearer and he still did not want to quit, so I had to help him to get through the whole tray. I really think he would have sat there for hours sorting every single last piece of pasta.

A word of warning, though, for those of you with toddlers in the throwing phase - do not forget to put the pasta away when the game is over! You might just end up with tiny shards of pasta crushed all over the floor as your little one scatters it around the room and then proceeds to dance on top of it. Oops!


  1. Fun!! All of it including the scattered and danced on pasta :)

  2. Those squares look awesome on your tiled floor. Cool photos! And a great idea too... ;)