Sunday, August 5, 2012

Simple Things

It is the little things that make me smile. Here is one from this week...

What kind of bug chews perfectly round holes through a leaf? One who quite enjoys symmetry, I would imagine. Or who just loves a bit of a challenge.

I think this bug and I would get along. You should see how I used to eat a fried egg. (I had to force myself to stop because it was getting a little too creepy...) First the white, around in a circle, as close to the yolk as possible without breaking it. Then, a tiny little cut in the top of the yolk, just big enough to dip the corner of a slice of toast. Finish the yolk without spilling any and hopefully polish off the toast just at the same moment. Then the rest in a bite or two. Perfect.

I do not imagine you want the details of how I used to eat a pretzel rod or a plum or Thanksgiving dinner...


  1. ha! i think we all have some food quirks ;-)

  2. I love how that is perfectly eaten. When I was small, my twin sister would pick out one teddy graham cookie from her bag and make it watch her eat all the other teddies. Good thing she turned out perfectly normal!