Sunday, May 13, 2012

Simple Things on Mother's Day

It is the little things that make me smile. Here is one from this week...

This Mother's Day morning, I had an image of myself sleeping in. When I woke up, I would take a shower and get dressed at my own pace. Then, I would step out of my room to a warm breakfast just served at the table.

I am famously good at setting up unrealistic expectations...

Instead, I tried my best to shut my eyes while the boys screamed about having their teeth brushed, fought over who got to pick the next song, and raced around the house giggling and shouting for joy.

That, and a handful of moments when they just could not wait any longer to see mama and impulsively broke through the door and into my room. Daddy came to round them up and herd them out of the room, but it was clear that today would be just like any other day...

But, maybe, that is okay. Like when Clayton burst into my bedroom in tears after a fall and could not be consoled without mama. Or when he and Evan raced in together, unable to wait another second to give me the mother's day card they had just made me.

Finally, Clayton ran in with his favorite book, saying "Mama, Zoe, reeead."

I sat up in bed and took the book. Clayton perched himself precariously on a tall stack of pillows next to me ("Cozy," he says). Evan followed his brother in and curled up by my side, inviting me to wrap my arm around him. Finally, Daddy made his way in and nestled on the edge of the bed.

Just what I wanted for Mother's Day.


  1. I agree about the simple things being the best!! We spent some time on Mother's Day all cuddled in my bed. Those are the sweetest moments!

  2. sounds like a good day - you are needed and loved!

  3. Aww, lovely. I'm especially fond of the blue tape on the card!