Monday, March 26, 2012

Some Simple Games to Play with a Rope

We love making games out of things we find around the house. A simple rope invites so many different kinds of fun. Here are some of our ideas, most of which are fun even for very young children.

  • Tie a ball or balloon to the end of the rope and hang in from a doorway. Infants will have fun sitting in front of it or laying near it and batting at it. Older kids will love to hit it alone or back and forth with another child.
  • Tie small toys to shorter pieces of rope and drape them over the back of a couch or chair. Sit on the couch and go fishing.
  • Tie one or many stuffed animals to a long length of rope and trail it through the house, over and under furniture, around in circles, etc. Then, send your child to find the stuffed animal(s) by following the rope's path. 
  • Play jump rope, of course.
  • Place a length of rope along the floor and walk along it, pretending you are a tight rope walker.
  • Tie a stuffed animal to the end of a rope and hang it from a tree branch. Your child can push the stuffed animal on this simple swing.
  • Dip lengths of rope in paint and drop it onto paper. Or dip shorter lengths of rope and twirl it above the paper for a different effect.
  • Place the rope on the ground, making tight switchbacks. Walk along the rope and pretend you are climbing a mountain.
  • Trail a length of rope around the yard and pretend you are on a quest. (I wrote a post about this here.)

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